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MetaTrader 4 Deposit Funds


Funding your account

Hirose Financial UK offers 2 simple ways to fund your account.

Payment Options Deposit Currency Minimum Deposit Processing Time

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USD, EUR, GBP 20 USD, 20 EUR, 20 GBP within 15 mins*

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USD, EUR, GBP 50 USD, 50 EUR, 50 GBP within 2 - 3 Business days


Neteller payments take generally 10 to 15 mins during our business hours as these payments are manually processed by Hirose staff. If you let us know on our Live Chat Service to facilitate your Neteller payment, we should be able to process your payment faster than indicated above. Bank Wire Transfer payments will be credited upon confirmation of the receipt of the payments.

Please note that Hirose UK will not process third party payments. Please ensure that any payments made to us are from a card or bank account in your name and not from a third party. If a third party payment is credited to your account it will be returned to the source and you will be liable for any associated costs that may be incurred. Further, we cannot be held liable if the return of such funds has a detrimental effect on your trading account, for example, where the return of funds triggers an automatic closure of your existing positions.