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MetaTrader 4

High performance order execution processing achieved using Japan Technology.With over 200,000 global clients transacting over $200 billion a month, the Hirose Group is a recognised leader in order execution processing and providing best execution for our clients. It's not just technology, its Japan Technology

Highlights of MetaTrader 4

No Dealing Desk and No Dealer Intervention

Fast Execution Speed

Micro Lots (from 1000 units = 0.01 lots)

Simple 4 ways to fund your account (min deposit 20USD~)

Over 50 Built-in Indicators & charting tools available

46 Currency pairs available

Good for Scalping & Hedging

Providing support for over 30 languages

Competitive Spread with NO Commission Fee

The spreads we offer are one of the most competitive ones in the industry, and we do not charge you any commissions.

Spread HiroseUK F S A
USD/JPY 1.9 2.5 2 2
EUR/JPY 2.9 3.4 3.5 3.2
GBP/JPY 3.9 4.8 7 5.6

FAST Execution Speed

High Performance order execution processing achieved using Japan Technology!

Our challenge was to process a substantial increase in transaction volumes due to the significant number of currency pairs being traded. Our solution was to deploy Oracle Coherence's in-memory data grid platform using cluster technology to accommodate the growth in the number of online transactions. The result is that server nodes can now be easily expanded when extra processing power is required.

NEW !!! Trade Spot Gold v US Dollar

Hirose Financial UK offers a Gold FX product XAU/USD with 1:20 and all costs in the spread on our MetaTrader4 platform. Gold can be traded against the US dollar, in a similar way to other currency pairs on the platform.

You can use both market execution and pending orders on Gold XAU/USD but there are a couple of key differences compared to trading other currencies;

Lot Size

One Gold XAU/USD contract equals 100 ounces and the smallest trade size is 0.01 (being 1 ounce of gold). The quote price is per 1 troy ounce. In order to calculate your exposure you will need to multiply the trade size in ounces by the entry price of the trade.

Trade Example

Buy XAUUSD, volume 1.2 @ 1265.27. This means you are buying 120 ounces with an exposure of USD 151,832.4. At 5% Margin, your margin requirement would be US$7,592 to open the trade. For each dollar movement up or down the trade would gain/lose US$120.

Product Details

Spread: 34~44

Pip Size: 0.01

Margin: 5%

Lot size: 1 lot = 100 ounces

Initial Minimum lot size per order: 0.01 lot

Maximum lot size per order: 10 lot

Minimum distance for Limit and Stop orders: 0.03

Trading Hours

XAU/USD trades in the same time frames as other currency pairs. However, please note that the XAU/USD market will be closed between 22:15 GMT and 23:00 GMT (Sunday to Thursday).

Note: Due to the exotic nature and potential lower liquidity when trading XAUUSD, there may be some circumstances where your order does not get filled at the rate specified by you. Further, with our STP order processing, the normal spreads that we offer you may become wider especially over news events and at the close of the trading day.

Unrestricted use of EA's

Metatrader Expert Advisor - What is It?
We are sure you already heard about Expert Advisors, also known as Forex Expert Advisors or Metatrader Expert Advisors that can be powerful tools for your trading.

The Forex market is volatile and open 24 hours , which means you have the potential to make significant profits. Just remember you can also make large losses. EAs can watch your back while you are asleep!

Metatrader Expert Advisors Can be Used To:

・Execute trades according to programmed trade logic
・Place stop and take profit orders
・Close trades according to programmed trade logic
・Handle money management according to programmed logic
・And much more