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Please fill in the form below to withdraw funds from your trading account.

*Accounts funded via Wire Transfer or Neteller are subject to receiving withdrawals back to the source from which they came.

Please note that funds will not be debited from your trading account at the time you have made a withdrawal request.
We will process your withdrawal request at 01:00AM (GMT) and it is at this point in time that funds will be debited from your trading account.
A notice will be sent to you by email once we have processed your payment.
Due to 3rd party payment methods and delays beyound our control, receipt of funds may take up to 5 business days to complete.

Please click here for an example of the balance that can be withdrawn while you have open positions.

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Withdrawal Fees
※We will return your funds to the source from which you have made a payment. Under some circumstances, this may not be feasible.
In such circumstances, we will require a copy of your bank statement and pay back those funds to your bank account.

Fees: Free
Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 20 GBP, 20 USD, 20 EUR
Maximum Withdrawal Limit: 5,000USD per transaction
Local Wire transfer
For GBP, £6.00 per transaction
For EUR, £8.50 per transaction
For USD, £8.50 per transaction
※Please be aware that you may incur additional fees from your bank when transferring US dollars and Euros funds.
Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 20 GBP, 20 USD, 20 EUR
International Wire Transfer
For EUR, £5.00
For USD, £8.50 per transaction
For GBP, £8.50 per transaction
※You may incur additional fees when international wire transfer funds are returned to your beneficiary bank. These fees can vary from country to country so please check with your own bank.
Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 50GBP, 50 USD, 50 EUR

Please note:

If the base currency on your trading account differs from the currency you are requesting to be withdrawn, you will also be liable for any conversion fee.