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LION Trader (ActTrader) Trading Details

Trading Details and Specifications

There are certain Platform specifications that are unique to all the Platforms we offer, including trading hours, order types, margin call info and PC specifications.

LION Trader (ActTrader)

Trading Hours

Standard Time

22:10 (GMT) Sunday

21:30 (GMT) Friday

During US Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time)

21:10 (GMT) Sunday

20:30 (GMT) Friday

*Please note that the platform connection will be cut at 21:58 and will open at 22:13 due to the daily processing of the rollover (20:58 and 21:13 during US daylight saving hours), and your orders will not be filled during this maintenance period. Triggered orders will be filled later after the maintenane.

Financial Instruments

50 currency pairs See full list Trading Tools Charting
Trading denomination Trade in lots Risk Management Stop, Limit, Pending, OCO, Trailing Stops
Minimum trade size 1,000 units (1 Lot) Minimum distance for Orders 3 pips (30 points) from current market price
Max Order Trade Size See full details Margin 3.33% per Lot
See full details
Execution Market execution Leverage Up to 1:30
Forex Spreads Typical spreads from 0.7 pips
5 decimal places
See full list of Spreads
Auto Margin Call Stop Out At the 50% of the initial margins
Commissions No Commissions Minimum deposit No deposit requirement to open an account
Base Currencies
GBP, USD, EUR Payment fees See full details
Trading features All trading strategies accepted Scalping accepted Hedging and No Hedging Withdrawal fees See full details
Platform selection Download
Android, iPhone, iPad
Demo account Yes

Order Types

Market Order (You have an option of one click trading)
Limit Order
Stop Order
OCO Order (One Cancels Other)
IF-Done Order
IF-OCO Order
Trailing Stop Order
※Please refer to the Trading Manual to learn about placing an order on the platform.

※ Stop and Trailing Stop Order Execution
Please note that when the stop price for Stop or Trailing Stop Order is reached, a stop order becomes a market order (an order to buy or sell at the current market price). These orders do not guarantee your order will be executed at the price you had requested.

※ Limit Order Execution
Please note that when a Limit Order is reached that order will be executed at your specified price.

Auto Stop Out (Margin Call)

Hirose Financial UK has implemented a Margin Call Policy to protect its clients from losing more money than the remaining balance in their accounts. Margin calls are automatically executed to close every outstanding position when a client's account has less equity available than margin required to maintain an outstanding position. However, it is important to note that you may be exposed to further loss over and above your initial deposit due to a sudden movement in the underlying price (for example, a change in the underlying price over the weekend) or a time lag in the automatic closure process (for example, no prices are available due to the exotic nature and potential lower liquidity when trading minor or exotic pairs).

When your account Equity Level falls below 50% of the used margin by your open position, the trading platform will then close all positions without any prior notice to you.

When Equity < 50% of Used Margin, all positions will be closed.


Your initial deposit is £1,000.
Your Account status is:

Used Margin
Usable Margin
Net PL

You buy 10 Lots (10,000 units) of EURGBP at 0.87500
The margin reqirement is 3.33%, which is £292

Your Account status is now:

Free Margin
Net PL

EURGBP then falls to 0.7896 after a news announcement creating a loss of £854
(0.7896 - 0.87500) x 10,000 = -£854

Your Account status is now:

Used Margin
Usable Margin
Net PL

When Equity on an account has decreased to the 50% of the Used Margin, your open positions are now closed out.

System Requirements

OS: WinXP SP3 or higher
CPU: Intel Core 2 (2.13GHz or higher)
RAM: 2Gb DDR2 or higher
Video: internal or 128MB external


Please note that the charts on the trading platform are generated from the bid rates (not mid or ask rates).