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LION Trader (ActTrader)

LION Trader (ActTrader)

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Hirose's LION Trader is one of the most Powerful Trading platform, Because...

High performance order execution processing achieved using Japan Technology! With over 120,000 global clients transacting over $100 billion a month, the Hirose Group is a recognised leader in order execution processing and providing best execution for our clients. It's not just technology, its Japan Technology

1 Click Trading

Fast Execution Speed

No Hidden Cost

More flexibility in smaller trading size 1Lot = 1,000 Units

Most competitive low spread and leverage up to 1:300

50 Built-in Indicators & Free Downloadable Strategies

50 Currency pairs available

Trailing Order (even if you close your platform)

Good for Scalping & Hedging

Why Traders Choose LION Trader

Most Competitive Spread with NO Commission Fee

Our commission is all in tight & low variable spreads EURUSD from 0.8 PIPS

We aim to deliver consistently low spreads. There are no hidden charges or fees.
Our LION Trader spreads are some of the lowest and typical spreads are a reflection of our pricing consistency from GMT 00:00 to GMT 19:00.

We have 15 liquidity providers; all the prices that we get are fed into an aggregator which ensures that the best prices will always be shown on our platforms.

  • 0.7pips
  • 0.9pips
  • 0.8pips
  • 1.0pips
  • 1.0pips

FAST Execution Speed

High Performance order execution processing achieved using Japan Technology!

Hirose UK take the best bid & ask rate from all our liquidity providers. Traders can deploy any type of trading strategy they want, from scalping to long term trading due to the underlying liquidity that Hirose UK has access to.

Low Margin Requirements

YOU CAN Start trading with LION Trader ONLY from 5USD, 4EUR or 3GBP!!!

When you trade on margin you are gaining exposure to a market without having to provide the full amount that otherwise would be required in the underlying market.

At Hirose Financial we offer the potential for Fixed margining or that based on the notional value of a position. See the table below for our most popular FX currency pairs.

The LION Trader Platform leverage is determined by the margin requirement per lot.

If for example you have a USD account the margin requirement will be 5.00USD per lot.

Margin requirement for GBP accounts is 3.00GBP per lot

Margin requirement for EUR accounts is 4.00EUR per lot