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You can trade with Low cost
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You can trade with Low cost

Forex commission comes from the transaction fee and spread; Hirose UK includes all fees and commissions within the spread.
We provide tight typical spreads from 0.7 pips, allowing traders to reduce overall trading costs.

Further, we do not charge any additional transaction fees, account opening fees and account maintenance fees.

Hirose UK Spread Comparison with other Companies

Description LION Trader A Company B Company
Spread (EUR/USD) 0.8 pips 3pips 2 pips
10 lot fees $0.80 $3 $2
100 lot fees $8 $30 $20

※1 Lot = 1,000 Units
※Typical spreads are a reflection of our pricing consistency from GMT 0:00 to GMT 19:00. Under certain market conditions, spreads may be even narrower than indicated, but during volatile market conditions, spreads may widen.