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Some announcements that may impact the markets this week

Big news for this week!

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Below are some announcements that may impact the markets this week:

(All Times are in GMT)

News Event Analysis 

On Tuesday we have the European Consumer Price Index at 9:00 GMT.  This may be a volatile figure, so it's worth having your Binary Options platform open.
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of the price movements over a basket of goods and services (but excludes more volatile components like food and energy).  This is a measure of inflation so a high figure may be seen as bullish for the Euro and a low reading would be negative.


Market News 

The Yen has fallen to near 6 year lows against the greenback recently.  The most recent bout of speculation has been on reforms that will soon allow the nation's $1.2 trillion pension fund to purchase more overseas assets.

The greenback continues to shine as the Fed still aims to end QE in October and the potential for an interest rate hike next year is still likely.

The Euro - what next?

As EURUSD heads towards a two year low conventional theory assumes that growth and inflation (a boost for exports and higher import prices) should increase its not so simple nowadays.  While the Euro has fallen sharply against the greenback this has not been the case if you view it on a trade-weighted basis; Japan and China account for a quarter of the Euro's value, but both these countries have dovish monetary policies like the ECB.  Relying on currency deflation as a policy tool comes with a health warning!



Over the next few weeks I will talk you through our Binary Options platform and the potential for making profits.  Not many products are simple because investing takes time and energy and there can be a significant amount of information to absorb.

However.....with Binary Options its possible to strip the investment process down to the bare basics.


The principle of Binary Trading is extremely simple and your decision making processes are equally simplified. To place a binary trade you need to determine the amount of funds you are willing to risk and decide which way the market is going (higher or lower) over a pre- determined timeframe.

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Once you have placed a trade, you just need to wait for the trade to expire (although it is possible to close a trade before the market expires and I will explain that later). Compared to the forex or stock markets where the trader has to manage trades, determine stops, limits, spreads and slippage, binary trading is a simple method to get exposure to currency markets.

Next week I will talk about the Payout Ratio and Win Rate.

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Happy trading!

The Hirose UK Team