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Binary Trading Startegies 2

Binary Trading Startegies


If you missed last week's strategy analysis, don't worry as I am including it again.

Trend Prediction.


There are many indicators to determine a trend.  In the above graph I have used a Moving Average (MA) and a Parabolic SAR.  When a short term MA crosses the long term MA and 1 or 2 SAR points are plotted you could say that a trend has been formed.  Clearly this is very simplistic, but if you HAVE got the trend correct you can then trade High or Low with some conviction.

It's always good to try out your strategies on the demo platform first so you do not get any surprises when you come to trade the Live platform.


The Binary competition finished on a high as multiple traders made off with cash awards.

Congratulations to all competitors!

The best score for Consecutive Correct Trades was a fantastic 16 !!!, proof that this type of trading is a game of skill.

top consecutive correct trade1.jpg

Happy trading!