Hirose News|November 11, 2013 10:10 AM

Some announcements that may impact the markets this week

Big news for this week!

Below are some announcements that may impact the markets this week:



While there had been talk of an ECB cut last week which saw speculators take the EUR down it still caused a shock yesterday when the rate was cut to 0.25%, knocking 2 big figures off the price against USD (before recovering).  GBPUSD fared better, but USA investors continued to be buoyed by stronger than expected GDP data.  USDJPY broke out of its trading range up to 99.40 then down to 97.60.

If you trade the Yen you will see that there is an Eco Watchers survey on Monday.

Eco Watchers Survey

The purpose of the Survey is to obtain an indication of regional economic trends and covers 2050 individuals in employment to observe economic activity.  The results can be used as a basic building block for assessing current economic trends.


Trading Minimum Distance for Stops and Limit orders cut to 3 pips (30 points)

As part of our enhanced service we offering on Lion Trader you can now place orders a mere 3 pips (30 points) away from the market, whether it be a Predefined Stop, Limit or Trailing Stop order.
Try it out by clicking a dealing rate to open the dialog box and tick the 'Set predefined Stop/Limit' box (see below for an example).