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MetaTrader 4 Demo Registration

Free Demo Account

Open a Demo Account with Hirose UK

Thank you for your interest in opening a Free Demo Account with Hirose UK. We are proud to offer MetaTrader 4, one of the best solutions for online trading, technical analysis and automated trading with EAs (Expert Advisors). With industry leading performance, extremely competitive spreads and incredibly quick order execution you can test your strategies on our demo platform before trading in the live environment.

Please download Metatrader 4 and sign up for a demo account.

Once you've downloaded LION MT4, a demo registration form will appear. Please fill in your personal details to receive the demo Login ID and Password.

A LION MetaTrader 4 icon (shortcut) will then appear on your desktop. You can then click on the icon to log in to MetaTrader 4 using your Login ID and Password. You do not need to download the platform again.