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Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management is one of the cornerstones for trading. While it is possible to make significant profits it is also possible to make substantial losses. Hirose Financial has a number of risk management tools that can enhance your profit potential while limiting downside risk.

Our Platforms include many features that help you manage your risk exposure, including:

Market Orders
A Market order (with one touch functionality) is an instruction to execute an order at the time that order is received by us.

Stops Loss and Limit Orders
Stop Loss orders and Trailing Stops from only 3 pips away are effective methods to close out a position. Our Hedging features can create an opposite position to an existing open position (without having to close that existing position).

Pending Orders
Open positions with Limit and Stop orders

Contingent Orders (OCO)
An order can be cancelled if another order is executed

Net P&L
All positions are netted and P&L calculated in your base currency.

Preset Lot amount or % of available funds
You can activate a set number of lots to trade and also trade as a percentage of your usable margin requirement.