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LION Trader (ActTrader) Neteller


Fund your account by Neteller

Please click on the Neteller Payment button below to proceed with your payment. You will be required to provide your username (Login ID), full name and email address, specify the deposit amount and currency. And you will also be required your Neteller Account ID and Secure ID to complete the payment.


Deposit Fees: Hirose UK covers fee (see more details)
Minimum payment amount: 20 GBP, 20 USD, 20 EUR
Processing Time: within 15 minutes
* It will generally be processed within 15 minutes from 01:00 GMT to 18:00 GMT (Monday to Friday)
Withdrawal Fees: Free
Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 20 GBP, 20 USD, 20 EUR

*Neteller payment may not be available in some countries.
*Please note that Hirose UK will not process third party payments.

  Please ensure that any payments made to us are from a Neteller account in your name and not from a third party. If a third party payment is credited to your account it will be returned to the source and you will be liable for any associated costs that may be incurred. Further, we cannot be held liable if the return of such funds has a detrimental effect on your trading account, for example, where the return of funds triggers an automatic closure of your existing positions.

How to fund your account by Neteller


Click on the button below


Fill in the following deposit form and click Confirm button


* Login ID:
* Email address:
* Currency:
* Neteller Account:
* Neteller Secure ID:
Please enter your LION Trader username.
Please provide your valid email address that is registered with Hirose UK.
Please choose your account based currency
Please enter your 12 digit Neteller Account ID or Email address that is registered with Neteller
Please enter your 6 digit Neteller Secure ID.


Confirm your payment details and click " NEXT "

If your payment has been suceeded

The following screen will appear. Your funds will be credited within 15 minutes (business day)

If your payment has been failed

Please make sure with your Neteller Account information correctly and try again.
Or please login to your Neteller Account to proceed your Deposit.