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Announcements that may impact the markets this week

Big news for this week!

Below are some announcements that may impact the markets this week:

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News Event Analysis

The SVME PMI figure out on Feb 02 at 8:30 am in Switzerland measure the business conditions in the manufacturing sector. This is an important indicator of production growth in Switzerland.  Anything above 50 is bullish for the CHF and below 50 is seen as negative.


Market News 

There was some interesting data coming out of Japan last night with unemployment falling to 3.4% (not seen since 1997) and CPI coming in at better or consensus levels.  The general feeling is that the economy still seems to be struggling with the consumption tax hike, with consumer spending and inflation coming in under target.
Meanwhile in Athens there has been a capital fight and bank stocks have been hit hard after the election.  Hugely significant meetings are taking place as the Greek government prepares to renegotiate its debt. The will be volatility in the Euro until major decisions are made.


Hirose News 

Volatile markets prove to be good for Binary Traders.
Even in Volatile markets Binary trading can be a useful trading tool.  With small price fluctuations you can still profit up to 90% of your investment, but when the market gyrates you will be glad to have that stop loss (i.e. you can't lose more than your trade amount) in place. 
Here are some charts to show you the how Binaries can work for you v FX. 


1. In figure 1 you are making a normal FX transaction. You have bought 1 standard lot at 1.3000 EUR/USD, price falls to 1.20000 and you are left with $10,000 in losses. But how many traders can determine where to close their position? The fact is many traders will keep the position. When the loss becomes too great you will get a margin call and your position will be closed.

2. In figure 2 you are making a binary options transaction. You have bought $200 at 1.3000 BUT your maximum loss is limited to only $200. The position will be closed automatically by the system when the option expires. There is no margin call and you do not have to keep holding negative positions (you can also trade out of the position before expiry). This means you should be able to maintain funds to continue trading Binaries.

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