Hirose News|January 19, 2015 12:29 PM

Breaking News: Forex traders suffered escalating losses after the Swiss Shock

Due to the decline in interest rates (-0.75%) of the Swiss Central Banks, the EUR and the USD weakened against the currencies CHF. Pair EUR/CHF and USD/CHF fell as much as 2,000 pips within 45mins!

Losses arising from yesterday's SNB shock could reach -200 USD or more for even 0.01 lot CHF related position.  (see the chart of EURCHF: 15mins candle stick)




Many forex traders around the world are now sustaining losses which have exceeded their account equity. Would this be happening to the Binary Traders as well?

The Answer is NO.

The Reason:
1. There is no margin call with the Binary Options and you will not lose more than your investment.

1. If you have made $3 trade in Binary, your maximum loss is limited to only $ 3.

2. Your position will be closed automatically by the system when the option expires. You do not have to keep holding negative positions which may lead to losing more money than your deposit at times like this.



You could also use a strategy called "Martingale"


In this way you follow the downward trend in the market and could keep winning.

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4. Binary Options Trading Strategies

Try placing several trades at a time, and analyze which ones to close or keep open to optimize your Trading.

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Good luck and Happy Trading!

The Hirose UK Team