Hirose News|January 5, 2015 9:00 AM

Announcements that may impact the markets this week

Big news for this week!

Below are some announcements that may impact the markets this week:
(All Times are in GMT)

News Event Analysis

Next week you may want to look out for Germany's unemployment rate announcement at 08:55 GMT on Wednesday 7th Jan.  This measure captures the absolute change in the number of unemployed people in Germany.  In increase (high level) has negative implications for consumer spending and may decrease the value of the Euro , whereas a fall (low level) indicates a more positive outcome and potentially will lead to a higher Euro.




On the 22nd December we increased our Binary offering to 3 different time periods. 

You can now trade in and out of the market up to 1 minute before expiry for 3 and 10 minute options!!

If you want to represent your 3 or 10 minute trading on MT4 using the Periodic Converter  this is how to do it.

          1. Open up a 1 minute chart of your choice.
          2. Find period Convert under Scripts using Navigator.
          3. Drag and Drop Periodic Converter into the chart.
          4. Change the Value (under Input tab) to 3 (or 10)
          5. Click OK
          6. Click on File then Open Offline
          7. Scroll down list to find your chart and click OK

You will notice that you now have a new chart with the period you requested and the default time intervals on MT4 have been greyed out.


Happy Trading!

The Hirose UK Team