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Simple Tips Part 1 - Candle Patterns for trading Binaries

Simple Tips Part 1 - Candle Patterns for trading Binaries

Binary Options Trading with your MT4 platform (same login details as Binary Platform) you enhance trading decisions with indicators and other analysis.
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1. Open the MT4 platforms on your PC and then log in with the login ID and password of your Binary Options account.

2. Set the Candlestick chart to the desired time frame (e.g. M1 (1 minute) or M5 (5 minutes))

3. What is a Candlestick? It shows open, high, low and close of a period and will indicate if a trend is forming by the continuity of its colour.

Use Candle Patterns for Trading Binaries!!

1. The following are some simple tips that you can follow for trading in Binary Options. Open the M1 chart (1 minute) and M5 (5 minutes) on the MT4 platform Hirose UK.

2. If the downward candlestick chart M1 and the M5 chart show a price fall (see yellow arrow),

then it is indicating that the market price is falling, so you can open a LOW position (the opposite would indicate a HIGH position).

3. If the M1 and M5 charts are not showing a clearly defined trend then you may want to wait until such a pattern forms.

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The above is a basic strategy example.  Please ensure you create your strategy and practice it continuously. For those who have questions regarding the above please contact us via email or livechat and email and we would be delighted to discuss further.

Good luck and Happy Trading!

Hirose Financial UK Team