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Some announcements that may impact the markets this week

Big news for this week! 

Below are some announcements that may impact the markets this week:


Market News

The markets certainly got roughed up yesterday after Eurozone interest rates were cut, sparking a mass sell off in EURUSD.  EURUSD has fallen back to mid-2013 levels and now exposes the EURO as a 'funding currency'.  This means that traders will look to borrow funds and invest them in economies with higher yielding assets; for currency traders this is known as the 'carry trade'.

Draghi will no doubt welcome a weaker Euro to help stave off deflation and make the Eurozone more competitive; inflation of 0.3 last month is a fraction of the 2% goal he has set.

Volatility today may increase with US Non Farm Payrolls coming out.  Anything less than an increase of 225,000 jobs created in August could send the USD spinning backwards.



Many clients are successfully switching between their MT4 platform and Binary Options platform which has added extra potential to their trading strategies.

With Binaries you know what the potential gain or loss will be, with basically 2 outcomes  - whether the option expires in or out of the money (with the added potential of closing the trade early).

Some of the common strategies that clients are using are discussed in following link


An extract for one potential strategy  can be found below.


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