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Some announcements that may impact the markets this week

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Big news for next week!

Below are some announcements that may impact the markets next week:

Market News

GBPUSD found a little support this afternoon after falling to 1.6855 (currently 1.6885 at the time of writing) as Chicago PMI data was well below an expected 63.0 and the lowest since July 2013.  The pair is still very bearish so expect to see further falls in the next few days ahead.
The US dollar has seen significant strength, rising against all its major counterparts.  With the Fed reducing the bond buying program to $25 billion and likely to finish in October, traders are betting that interest rates may go to 0.5% by September 2015.
The Euro is still under pressure as inflation slowed.  The ECB is keen that inflation does not fall too low in an economy that generally looks weak.  Keep an eye out for interest rate decisions next Thursday from the BoE and ECB.


Quick recap on SWAPS

Swap Charge (Overnight Financing/Rollover Financing) is the interest paid or earned for holding a position overnight. Each day that your position remains open, we make a cash adjustment to your Account Balance to reflect the funding costs of that position.
Go to our Trading Information tab on the website (
www.hiroseuk.com) , click on Roolver Financing and find the pdf version for your platform.  Determine your account type, whether you are long or short a position and then find your currency pair.
Then just multiply your lot size by the number and this will give you an indication of the swap rate that will debited or credited to your account.

For fuller details please seehttp://hiroseuk.com/beginner/beginner02/04_6.php

Happy trading!

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