Hirose News|January 6, 2014 9:00 AM

Some announcements that may impact the markets this week

Big news for this week!

Below are some announcements that may impact the markets this week:


NIESR GDP Estimate

This is an estimate of growth from the National Institute of Economic and social Research for the past 3 months.  The actual report that comes out is deemed to be highly reliable and can have the effect of influencing UK monetary policy.



GBPUSD had a tumble on Thursday as driven mainly by a response to its surge over the Christmas period which has seen profit taking.  Traders are also looking ahead to next week and are factoring interest rates will stay on hold.  Positive US data with good manufacturing numbers have added to US dollar strength.  Many commentators are beginning to lend support to a strong US dollar during 2014 given changing growth dynamics locally and diverging monetary policy between the USA and other G-10 countries.


Lion Trader Full Hedging Functionality

We shall shortly be changing the way FIFO / Full Hedging is set when you open a Lion Trader account.  Currently the default setting is FIFO but we will soon offer Full Hedging as the default setting in line with our MT4 platform.  Once you have opened your Lion Trader account and wish the setting to be FIFO then all you have to do is contact us at http://hiroseuk.com/support/contact_us/ to make the necessary adjustment .


MT4 Investor Passwords

We are pleased to announce that Investor Passwords are now available to MT4 clients.  If you want to see another trader's platform in read only and view his trade history all you need to do is request their investor password.  It's a good way to get definitive (unphotoshopped) evidence of their performance.  To request an Investor password to your LION MT4 please contact us at info@hiroseuk.com


We appreciate your feedback and comments are always welcome because we are always interested in learning how we can improve on the quality of our services.  Please send us any feedback or comments at info@hiroseuk.com.


Happy Trading!!

The Hirose Team