Hirose News|December 2, 2013 9:00 AM

Some announcements that may impact the markets this week

Big news for this week!

Below are some announcements that may impact the markets this week:


With Thanksgiving yesterday the Asian session was subdued.  Eurozone inflation numbers came out slightly above expectations which jolted the Euro and Cable briefly before reversing to intraday lows.  The upward trend still continues and analysts are now looking at 1.65 for GBPUSD before Christmas.

USDJPY continues to move higher.  The target of 2% inflation in Japan is potentially achievable (5 year high of 0.9% in October) but traders anticipate there will need to be continued aggressive monetary responses from the government in the future.

AUDUSD has fallen for the sixth consecutive week as the US Fed stimulus reduction is factored in and recent reports coming from financial houses indicating that the Aussie currency is too heavily reliant on commodities whose prices may weaken over the next 12 months.  There remains potential volatile news out on Tuesday and Wednesday next week that is worth look.