Hirose News|September 8, 2013 9:00 PM

Trading Strategy

Trading Strategy

Remember the last update - with a Daily GBPUSD chart we went long roughly around the 7th/8th August (crossing MA).
Now that we are long, you can see the potential break-even level.

With the Parabolic SAR once it has confirmed a potential trend (2 of the same spot colours in a row (purple = Sell or yellow = buy)  I will then look to initiate the trade.  Purists may argue that this is 'curve fitting' and I would agree (so would then require back testing on historical data) but for simplicity this is what we have below.

So, the buy signal we got in the first graph possibly ended in breakeven (orange outcome).
Using the Parabolic SAR I am going to get a much more defined entry time (remember it's a daily chart)...and the signal will tend to come before the MA has crossed.

See the Yellow vertical lines to get a better indication. 

Our trading strategy has now created a new Sell signal, so the Long position that we had has now been closed and replace with a new Opening Sell.  To get a better look open up a chart.

Some more details can be found from using the Cross Hair function.  The sell signal was the 3rd Purple Parabolic SAR ( a full 3 days before the MA crossover was confirmed).  Also notice that the RSI value of 68.57 is confidence that at least the market is not (over sold...rather it is still regarded as being over bought).