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What is the Swap Charge /Overnight Financing / Rollover Financing?

Swap Charge (Overnight Financing/Rollover Financing) is the interest paid or earned for holding a position overnight. Each day that your position remains open, we make a cash adjustment to your Account Balance to reflect the funding costs of that position.

Financial Interest

Where can I find the Swap Charge /Overnight Financing / Rollover Financing on the website?

  1. Click on Rollover Financing under Trading Information

    Rollover Financing

  2. Click on "Rollover Financing Rates For LION MT4" for LION MT4

      Click on Financing Rates For LION Trader (ActTrader) for LION Trader

    Rollover Financing

  3. For LION MT4

    The amount is shown in points. The system will automatically converts the values into your base currency.

    For LION Trader

    The amount shown is denominated in the currency used in the account type, which means that if your trading account type is in British Pound (GBP), the rollover amount is shown in British Pound (GBP).

    LION Trader