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You can start trading Forex with a small amount of capital.

In forex trading, you can open a position and only deposit a fraction of what the value of your trade is worth.
This is referred to as "Leverage".

It allows you to make significant profits (but remember you can also make large losses as well). Leverage, when managed properly can be a very powerful tool for trading.

You can trade Forex up to 1:30 leverage at Hirose UK.

‐What is "leverage" ?
We will assume you have a GBP base Trading Account with our Lion Trader platform

If you BUY 1 lot of GBPUSD you will need to have 33 GBP available in your account. This amount is called the Margin Requirement that is necessary to open a position
You are using 33 GBP to trade 1000 GBP. This means your leverage is 1:30

Let's use Leverage Effectively!